Is washing hair with hot water bad for you?

 Is washing hair with hot water bad for you?

Lena Fisher

It is hard to deny that, on the coldest days, it is a delight to take a relaxing bath and washing your hair with hot water As much as it is a very pleasant moment, however, this attitude is detrimental - and very detrimental! hair health .

Cris Dios, founder of the hair spa Laces and Hair, in São Paulo, explains that water at very high temperatures is harmful not only to the hair but also to the skin. scalp By following a few guidelines, however, it is possible to avoid these problems.

Why is washing hair with hot water bad for you?

According to the professional, the hot water excessively stimulates the sebaceous glands production, i.e., the production of oiliness This can lead to an inflammatory process in the scalp and can also make it more sensitized.

"Hot water is not good for the hair at all," he adds.

To avoid damaging your hair when it comes time to wash it, the ideal is to set the water at 23 or 24 degrees, which is a warm temperature.

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How to avoid hot water on the coldest days?

It is normal for people to adjust the shower with the hot water on colder days, so that the temperature is pleasant for the body. Cris suggests, therefore, that the hair be washed separately, to avoid the aforementioned evils.

"To keep the water from being so hot, you can throw your head forward and wash your hair upside down, with the water a little cooler or at least not as hot as you have set for the shower," she explains.

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In addition, another suggestion to leave the hair healthier is to give the hair a final rinse with water colder than the wash.

"This ends up giving your hair more shine because this temperature shock seals the cuticle," he explains.

Source: Cris Dios, founder of the hair spa Laces and Hair, in São Paulo.

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