White noise: what it is and how it soothes babies

 White noise: what it is and how it soothes babies

Lena Fisher

While some people like to sleep in a totally silent environment, others prefer sound effects, such as white noise.

White noise is a sound that emits frequencies at the same power. In other words, it is continuous and there is no variation in intensity or ups and downs. Thus, it muffles unpleasant external sounds, making sleep easier.

So an example of the technique is when you sleep with the TV on, with the sound turned down, to get to sleep quickly.

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White noise for babies

Taking care of a baby is not easy at all, it is necessary to always pay attention to the smallest details. For this reason, parents are usually left with some doubt, especially about their children's sleep. Babies' sleep is something essential.

In this sense, white noise is known and adopted by many people, because it is a "tranquilizer" for the little ones. But do you know why this is so?

According to experts, the white noise resembles the noise generated inside the womb, due to the flow of blood vessels and the pregnant woman's heart. In this way, the chances of the cerebral cortex being activated during sleep are reduced.

But it is important to be careful, it is recommended to leave the sound playing for only a few minutes, at a low volume. Also, keep the noise away from the baby's ear for your child's safety.

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Search Results

Although many are fans of the technique, research on the subject is not effective in concluding the benefits.

According to a review of studies published in the scientific journal Sleep Medicine Reviews The evidence about the ability of noise to facilitate falling asleep is not necessary to reach this conclusion. It can even negatively affect sleep quality and hearing.

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