Foods that steal energy from our body

 Foods that steal energy from our body

Lena Fisher

Do you know that feeling of being limp right after lunch or extremely tired in the middle of the day? The problem may be in your diet. This is because some foods when consumed in excess steal energy from our body, which results in weakness and laziness that hinders routine activities, whether at home, at work, or in the gym.

These mood "saboteurs" act in different ways in the body. In some cases they offer so much sugar that at first this high glucose level results in a better mood, but soon afterwards the insulin released takes exactly the opposite route - and tiredness sets in.

As a result, the body soon feels this drop in energy. Learn about some of these villains:

Refined carbohydrates

Breads, pastas, and cakes prepared with white flour provide the body with an energy spike caused by the transformation of the carbohydrate into glucose. However, this energy is absorbed quickly by the body, and this makes you feel tired.


Fried foods are sources of bad fats (trans, saturated, and interesterified), which are harder to digest. Your internal organs pull blood out of your extremities to facilitate the absorption of these foods, which can take up to eight hours. With your energy focused on digestion, you will feel less energetic.


Despite being a source of energy, sugar can cause fatigue if consumed in excess. Sweet foods can cause insulin spikes that not only increase appetite, but also steal your mood.

Alcoholic Beverages

Besides containing a high glycemic index, alcohol in excess overloads the liver and prevents it from eliminating toxins from our body, which, in the long run, hinders the energy mechanisms. In addition, the absorption of B vitamins, present in the process of generating energy for the body, is impaired, giving that feeling of exhaustion and tiredness.

Foods with high sodium content

In general, we don't realize how much salt we consume on a daily basis. Besides what we add during meal preparation, we eat many processed foods that have large amounts of sodium added. This excess can lead to dehydration, causing tiredness, fatigue, and other symptoms.

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Lena Fisher

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