Soda can cause cellulite: find out if it's true or false

 Soda can cause cellulite: find out if it's true or false

Lena Fisher

Whoever has never stopped drinking a cold soda on a hot day for fear of getting cellulite should throw the first glass. This is a very common belief: that soda gas causes cellulite. But, does soda give you cellulite?

Gynoid Lipodystrophy is the correct name for cellulite, which is nothing more than the accumulation of fat under the skin.

It usually appears in areas such as the hips, thighs, and buttocks - where fat is influenced by estrogen, the female hormone. This is why it affects 95% of women after puberty and is much less common in men, although it can appear in men as well if there is a hormonal imbalance.

Does soft drink give cellulite?

No. In fact, what is related to the appearance of gynoid lipodystrophy is the excess consumption of sugars, and soft drinks are very rich in this substance.

In other words, if the problem were gas, sparkling water would also be considered a villain. The liquid, however, is a healthier alternative drink than soft drinks, since it contains no sugar.

But, what causes cellulite?

Genetics, poor blood circulation and hormonal changes are some of them - combined with a bad diet and the high consumption of sugar and carbohydrates. Above all, it is necessary to understand that cellulite is considered a normal condition of the female organism, and the best way to fight it is to bet on healthy habits.

How to avoid cellulite?

Having a balanced diet, with all food groups, is the first step. In addition, it is worth drinking plenty of water, to stimulate blood circulation, reducing sodium intake, which can cause fluid retention (and soft drinks usually have a lot of it), practicing physical activities, and not smoking.

In summary, soda should be avoided, but not because of the gas, but because of the large amount of sugar it contains.

Source: Maila Corsini, nutritionist.

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Lena Fisher

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