Witch Hazel for slimming: see the benefits of the plant

 Witch Hazel for slimming: see the benefits of the plant

Lena Fisher

The garcinia cambogia is a medicinal plant native to Africa. Also known as oil tree, malabar tamarind or Goraka, it belongs to the citrus family and is similar to a small pumpkin. It can also bring some benefits to our health, and some people rely on garcinia for weight loss.

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Garcinia for weight loss: how does it work?

The vegetable is composed of HCA hydroxycitric acid, a substance that aims to decrease the activity of the body enzyme citrate lyase, important in the production of some types of fats, such as cholesterol.

Not to mention that the wisteria-based medicine can increase the feeling of satiety and reduce appetite - especially the urge to eat sweets and pasta. And the best part: unlike some weight loss drugs, wisteria does not act on the nervous system, so it does not cause insomnia, changes in blood pressure, or increased heart rate.

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It is important that the patient never buys it without the advice of a professional, and it should not be consumed by people who are hypersensitive to the substance, pregnant or breastfeeding women.

It is also worth mentioning that the medicine cannot be taken after the expiration date and needs to be stored according to the recommendations on the package, i.e. at room temperature (between 15 and 30°C), protected from light, heat, and humidity. And, of course, kept out of the reach of children.

How to consume manipulated garcinia?

In general, it is recommended that one or two 500 mg capsules be taken daily, one hour before meals. However, in some cases, the recommendation may be less. Therefore, it is essential that the person follow the recommendations of a professional. Read the complete guide on garcinia for weight loss on the site Manipulaê .

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