Diet for Endomorphs: What it is and Benefits

 Diet for Endomorphs: What it is and Benefits

Lena Fisher

Endomorph is the name given to one of the three somatotypes of William Herbert Sheldon, a psychologist who divided the physical structure into: ectomorph, endomorph and mesomorph. Therefore, the endomorph diet is specifically designed for people of this biotype.

The endomorph biotype consists of a physical structure prone to the accumulation of body fat:

  • Greater difficulty in gaining lean mass
  • Easier to accumulate body fat

The other two somatotypes are: ectomorph and mesomorph. However, bodies can be hybrids, that is, have characteristics of more than one biotype. Basically, one's biotype is strongly determined by genetics, but dietary habits and the practice of physical activities (or the lack of it, a sedentary lifestyle) are also essential to define the body's appearance.

Physical types according to William Herbert Sheldon

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How to follow the diet for endomorphs

The endomorph diet is designed to minimize the tendency of endomorphs to gain fat. Therefore, it is a diet that prioritizes the consumption of protein over carbohydrates.

Therefore, when it comes to a diet for endomorphs, the recommendation is that only 25% of your daily calories are acquired from carbohydrates, 40% of your calories from healthy fats and 35% from lean protein sources This is a balanced diet.

In addition, endomorphs do not have optimal sensitivity to insulin. Therefore, carbohydrate consumption cannot be exaggerated or it will lead to accumulation of adipose tissue and increased blood glucose (blood sugar level).

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