How long do I need to wait after I wake up to work out?

 How long do I need to wait after I wake up to work out?

Lena Fisher

The benefits of waking up early to start the day by exercising are indisputable and countless. wake up to knitting r, your body will be rested and ready to handle the activity, and your mind, free of thoughts.

It is also a relief to get this task out of your way early on. After all, you have already fulfilled your physical activity goal and will not have to think about it anymore.

But, is it safe for those who usually wake up to work out to get out of bed and fly to a workout? Or is there a time you have to wait after waking up to work out?

Waking up to work out: How long to wait?

"The important thing is for the body to have some kind of activation - a warm-up and stretching period, so to speak, to get it ready for the workout," says David Geier, an orthopedic surgeon specializing in sports medicine.

Whether it's pilates, yoga, or HIIT, exercise is likely to be more difficult for those who don't warm up beforehand. For the doctor, then, it's safe to wait at least 15 to 30 minutes after waking up before starting any activity, whether moderate or intense.

You also have to take into account that different exercises use different muscle fibers and energy systems, which will affect your body differently.

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In the case of a run, it takes the body three to five minutes, sometimes longer, to realize that it will do an activity before it starts aerobic metabolism, as opposed to a HIIT class, for example, where it is necessary to change energy systems quickly by the intensity of the workout.

However, in both cases there is a need to make a dynamic heating to signal the body and the central nervous system that you are going to move, instead of just running to class and starting.

Work out x diet

What you eat before you work out - and when you eat it - also influences how you will feel in your morning workout. As soon as you eat, your body starts sending blood to your stomach to start digestion, so if you work out right afterwards, it triggers a kind of fight about where the volume of blood in your body should be sent.

The moral of the story is that you should not force your body to go from rest to exercise without preparing it. Ten minutes of dynamic stretching already helps the body to organize itself for this activity.

Otherwise, you are basically going from zero to 100, and your body simply will not respond as it should.

Lena Fisher

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