Washing your hair every day: find out if this attitude can harm your hair

 Washing your hair every day: find out if this attitude can harm your hair

Lena Fisher

It is not unusual to find someone who is in the habit of wash your hair every day Whether by excessive sweating, oiliness, heat, or just by habit.

The ideal periodicity for cleaning the hair, however, still generates many doubts, especially because there are several hair types different.

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After all, what is the right frequency to wash your hair without damaging it? Daniel Cassiano, dermatologist at the GRU clinic, in São Paulo, explains below.

Can I wash my hair every day?

According to the professional, some specific cases do require an increase in washing frequency. This is what happens with people who have oily strands They work in contact with pollutants or environments of continuous environmental exposure and engage in constant physical activity, for example.

"These people should wash their hair daily, using good quality products and interspersing more neutral formulas for daily use with compounds based on plant extracts," he suggests.

On the other hand, there are those who prefer not to wash their hair for days at a time, and this is the wrong attitude.

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This is because, when the cleaning is not done in the right way, the excess oil produced in the scalp day after day can accumulate and favor the proliferation of fungus.

"Often, the lack of the more continuous washing in these cases predisposes to seborrheic dermatitis with itching, flaking, and hair loss", Cassiano points out.

How to know that it is time to clean the threads

The professional explains that there is no rule for this, since each hair is unique.

"If your hair looks damp, very greasy and itchy, you definitely should have washed it by now," he advises.

It is worth pointing out, however, that it is contraindicated to wash the hair twice a day or to sleep with wet hair.

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"Besides this, the ideal is not to abuse hot water and not to wash your hair at night without drying it. This can cause seborrheic dermatitis and hair loss," warns the dermatologist.

"In these cases, it is important to apply shampoo only once and conditioner only on the length of the strands, to avoid drying the hair shafts. The transparent, less viscous coloring products, with vegetable extracts, are the most suitable for those who have this need", she concludes.

Source: Daniel Cassiano, dermatologist at the GRU clinic, in São Paulo.

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