Enthusiasm: The importance of cultivating this feeling

 Enthusiasm: The importance of cultivating this feeling

Lena Fisher

Enthusiasm It is a force that we develop internally, something that arises within us. It is the energy that moves us toward our goals, what stimulates us in our actions to achieve what we want.

So we can describe enthusiasm as immense pleasure in doing or developing something. It is the ability to work with pleasure and determination, it is feeling happy.

First of all, try to identify how you feel about your weight loss process Is it motivation or enthusiasm?

A motivated person needs an external force that motivates him to do something. Have you ever noticed how you feel when you get that promotion you have been waiting for? Or how you feel when you lose the weight you wanted? Reflect on how you feel when you start taking a course you wanted so much, you get excited, happy.

But, when a person is enthusiastic he appreciates the journey to reach the goal, he does it even though there are obstacles, challenges and difficulties. Therefore, enthusiasm is like an optimistic "state of mind".

But lack of enthusiasm is similar to sadness, dissatisfaction, demotivation, lack of interest, that is, when we do something out of obligation. Many times we do it because we have to, and this ends up making everything heavier.

What to do to regain enthusiasm?

Enthusiasm only comes from you, it is something internal. You can feel enthusiastic about something and someone else not have the same feeling.

This is the case for some athletes, many times the discouragement is so great that they don't feel like training or competing. However, to stay motivated you need to feel enthusiasm. But, the problem is that this doesn't always happen. In many cases they give up many things in order to reach the goal, and therefore this enthusiasm doesn't always remain.

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Motivation is the reason for action, it refers to the end goal, the result. What drives us to act is the desire for a certain purpose or situation.

Reflect: What is your motivation in your current job? The salary, the benefits, an opportunity to show your knowledge, etc. The more your enthusiasm grows, the more motivated you become.

Most human beings have a tendency to be optimistic when projecting the future. This feeling is called enthusiasm. This way of looking at things in a more positive way can guarantee a healthier life for longer.

But as unpleasant as reality may seem, being enthusiastic makes for good expectations. This attitude offers benefits not only for health, because the enthusiast becomes braver, more able to take risks and thereby move forward.

The importance of enthusiasm in our life

Enthusiasm works like a propulsion spring, it is the force that moves you, that makes you dedicate yourself with maximum commitment to the activities you perform.

You do it because you like it, not because you have to or are forced to.

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Tips for Staying Excited

Improve mood

It may sound silly, but research shows that episodes of bad moods are very harmful to your health.

Weariness in relationships, unnecessary fights and arguments, feelings of anger, leading to stress and often emotional exhaustion.

Be focused on what you do

Focus and commitment are fundamental for those who seek a life of enthusiasm. Because they believe that everything is possible, the enthusiast acts with focus and determination in what has been delegated to them or what they have set out to do. Therefore, they do everything with care, attention, and find pleasure in each step.

Avoid complaints

Complaining without acting will do you no good. How can you live with more enthusiasm if you are always complaining? Therefore, exchange complaining for action and always reflect the good side of things.

Change the focus of discouragement

Discouragement usually comes from some fact or set of events that affect our motivation. For example, going off the diet, overindulging in some food. So the solution is to shift the focus to other points. It's simple, but it works. The mind gets temporarily distracted, and you get rid of the negativity.

But, it is important to stress that the change of focus is not a permanent solution. You are shifting the attention and taking the discouragement off the surface of the mind.

Insist, persist and don't give up

To persist is to perform the same task, but in different ways, seeking alternative paths, like the river that goes around its obstacles and continues. To persist is to allow oneself to learn, seeking new things.

Persistence is to have an ideal in mind, even if things are difficult, and to keep striving for it in a creative and resilient way, without the feeling that you are carrying the world on your back, as is often the case with persistence.

Trust in yourself and in your abilities

People who do not recognize their abilities and capabilities find it very difficult to believe that anything can work out, because they feel incapable of accomplishing anything.

So, reinforce your best, more than always being the best is to prefer to give your best in every situation, without demands and judgments. So, make a habit of always writing down three things that went right in your day, anything from the simplest tasks, like having managed to iron that pile of clothes. Try to look at the good side of things and people.

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