Why shouldn't you leave your pillow in the sun?

 Why shouldn't you leave your pillow in the sun?

Lena Fisher

Placing the mattress in the sun is a popular habit to keep the item clean. Following this logic, doing the same with the pillow is also a known practice, however, it may not be the most indicated. After all, why shouldn't you place a pillow in the sun?

Even though the sun is a great way to dry and clean objects, the pillow is a different story. Since it has internal foam, skin residues, fat, secretions, bacteria, and microorganisms stay inside. Therefore, exposing it to the sun heats up this foam, and the place becomes humid.

The temperature of the sun is hardly enough to kill the germs inside the item, and even if it did, there would still be the corpses and feces of the microorganisms left on the pillow. Another point is that the ultraviolet rays oxidize the surface of the pillow, turning it yellow.

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Placing a pillow in the sun: how to sanitize it?

The ideal is to leave the item in a cool, well-ventilated place, but inside some pillowcase. The light should be indirect, to avoid the risk of bacteria proliferation. You can also wash the pillow by hand or in the washing machine, however, the cleaning of this way must happen at least once a week, after all, dust mites spread easily.

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So, if you choose this way of cleaning, it is important to let the pillow dry completely! The drying must happen in a ventilated place and without direct contact with the sun. Taking the pillow to be sanitized in a specialized company is also an indicated option!

Finally, it is recommended to change the pillows at most twice a year. When it comes to health, choosing pillows with foam, latex, or fiber is better than those made of feather and down.

Lena Fisher

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