What is the best time to eat sweets without compromising my diet?

 What is the best time to eat sweets without compromising my diet?

Lena Fisher

In the morning, in the afternoon or before bedtime: what is the best time to eat sweet without compromising the diet or weight loss You've probably asked yourself this question, so we asked an expert what the correct answer is:

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What is the best time to eat candy?

"The consumption of sweets, just like any other food, contributes to the calorie load. That is, at whatever time it is consumed, the dessert will provide calories," explains nutritionist Thalita Almeida.

And then you know: when in excess, sugar stimulates the accumulation of energy in the form of fat This is because it promotes the release of insulin (hormone that encourages the storing of fat).

However, at night the damage seems to be greater, according to the professional. metabolism (with the arrival of dusk, the hormones released by the body favor the reduction of calorie burn )," he says.

So if you want to have a sweet tooth, better reserve it for the beginning of the day - if it's before your workout, even better.

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How to consume sweets without compromising your diet?

However, there is no need to be radical. An after-dinner dessert once in a while will not make you gain weight, since the key is to try to maintain the balance Portion size and the composition of the eating pattern (i.e. what the individual normally eats) have a significant impact on the outcome that the sugar consumed will bring", complements Thalita Almeida.

If you, for example, eat a piece of cake in the middle of the afternoon after eating a whole day of regular food - rich in protein, fiber s and good fats, and low in refined carbohydrates - the nutritional impact of this candy is not as overwhelming as it would be if it were eaten after a day of overeating.

"What we have to remember is that the dietary pattern has a greater influence on nutritional status than a single isolated food," concludes the expert. Got it?

Source: Thalita Almeida, nutritionist.

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