What is fructose and which foods are high in fructose?

 What is fructose and which foods are high in fructose?

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Do you know what fructose is and which foods are rich in fructose? Fructose is the type of sugar naturally present in fruits. Like glucose, it is a monosaccharide and is part of the group of simple carbohydrates. Besides being present in fruits, it is also added to some industrialized foods, such as fructose syrup. However, industrialized foods rich in fructose should be avoided, such as soft drinks, industrialized sauces, chocolates, some types of bread, sausage, and ham.

Fructose can also be synthesized by the body itself. For, from glucose and via sorbitol, also called glucitol, present in fruits such as apples and plums.

What is fructose and which foods are high in fructose?

Fruits are essential foods for any diet. They are sources of fiber, vitamins, and energy (complex carbohydrates), and are very nutritious. But an essential part of their composition is also sugar, their natural sweetener.


A date is one of the richest fruits in the nutrient, especially when dried, containing about 32g of the sugar. In other words, it is known for being very sweet and is commonly used to replace white sugar in healthy recipes.

What is fructose: Banana

A banana It is also a very sweet fruit, which is explained by the large amount of fructose in its composition (7g). However, it is also a great source of potassium, fiber, and several vitamins.


A plum is known to be high in fiber. But it is also high in sugar, containing about 12.5g per unit of fruit.


A sleeve is also rich in fiber, as well as vitamins. In addition, it is one of the sweetest fruits - containing about 16g of sugar per fruit.


O khaki is very dear to many people, especially because of its sweet taste, which is justified by the large presence of fructose in its composition (12g per unit).

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Is fruit sugar as bad as refined sugar?

Generally speaking, no. After all, the sugar in fruit goes along with other important nutrients for good health. However, experts reiterate: it all depends on the amount ingested. Moreover, the ideal amount is also something that varies according to each person's body and health. For example, a diabetes or other condition where it is necessary to monitor the intake of carbohydrates and sugars, even fructose can be harmful when consumed in excess.

What is fructose: can it cause weight gain?

Like other types of sugars, yes, it can cause weight gain. Not only that, it can also negatively impact the health of patients with diabetes and pre-diabetes.

So, despite the importance of consuming fruits daily, the quantities must be controlled, especially when it comes to weight loss diets or planned diets for people with diabetes. Finally, remember: the secret to everything is to maintain balance and consume in moderation.

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