Walking 30 Minutes Every Day: Know the Benefits

 Walking 30 Minutes Every Day: Know the Benefits

Lena Fisher

Walking 30 minutes daily is more beneficial for body and mind than you might think. The benefits of this simple, easy-to-do practice range from lowering blood pressure and increasing creativity to losing weight.

Here's what you can expect when you start walking 30 minutes every day:

Benefits of Walking 30 Minutes Every Day

Increases creativity

It doesn't matter if you're feeling stuck at work or are looking for a solution to a complicated problem: it's a good idea to get moving. According to a 2014 study in the U.S. Journal of Experimental Psychology, Learning, Memory and Cognition, taking a walk can stimulate creativity. Researchers applied tests of creative thinking to subjects as they satand walked and found that the walkers thought more creatively than the others.

Walking for 30 minutes improves mood

Have you ever had to have a glass of wine or eat chocolate after a hard day? Walking is a zero calorie alternative with the same benefits.

This is because it acts directly on the nervous system, reducing feelings such as anger and hostility. Furthermore, when walking down the street you run into neighbors, friends or acquaintances. This interaction helps you feel connected, boosting your mood.

Burns calories and helps you lose weight

Regular walking can help improve your body's response to insulin, which helps reduce belly fat. Personal trainer Ariel Iasevoli adds that walking every day is one of the effective low-impact ways to burn fat. "It increases metabolism by burning extra calories and preventing muscle loss, which is particularly important asthat we get older," he says.

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Reduces the risk of chronic diseases

The American Diabetes Association says that walking reduces blood sugar levels and the overall risk of diabetes. Researchers at the University of Boulder, Colorado, and the University of Tennessee, both in the United States, have found that regular walking reduces blood pressure by up to 11 points and can lower the risk of stroke by 20 to 40 percent.

One of the most cited studies on walking and health, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, found that those who walked enough to meet physical activity guidelines (30 or more minutes of moderate activity on five or more days a week ) had a 30 percent lower risk of cardiovascular disease compared to those who did not walk regularly.

Walking for 30 minutes improves digestion

A regular walking routine can greatly improve bowel movements. One of the first things an abdominal surgery patient is required to do, for example, is to walk. This uses core and abdominal muscles, stimulating movement in the gastrointestinal system.

Protects the joints

Walking for 30 minutes increases blood flow to tense areas and helps strengthen muscles around the joints. In fact, research shows that walking for at least 10 minutes a day - or about an hour a week - can prevent disability and arthritis pain in older adults. An April 2019 study in the publication American Journal of Preventive Medicine followed1,564 adults over the age of 49 with lower body joint pain. Participants were asked to walk for one hour each week. Those who did not walk for at least an hour a week reported that they were walking too slowly and had problems with their morning routine. While participants who adhered to a walking routine had bettermobility.

Promotes longevity

A study in the Journal of American Geriatrics Society proved that older adults, ages 70 to 90, who got out of the house and were physically active lived longer than those who were not. Staying active also helps you stay connected to your loved ones and friends who can provide emotional support, which is especially important as you age.

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