Types of dark circles under the eyes: How to identify and treat each one

 Types of dark circles under the eyes: How to identify and treat each one

Lena Fisher

Dark under-eye circles bother many people, but have you ever noticed that they can have various colors and shapes? Some are deep under-eye circles, others are bluish, brownish or even reddish. Each type of under-eye circles requires an individual treatment, based on the correct diagnosis. Learn more:

What are dark circles under the eyes?

They are the marks around the eyes caused, generally, by the large concentration of blood vessels or melanin Most of them are genetic, meaning that if your parents or grandparents have the condition, you probably will too.

However, some habits that we adopt on a daily basis contribute to the appearance of the problem. Drinking too much This is why you wake up with those swollen bags under your eyes after a night of drinking.

Also, when you sleeps poorly The production of melanin is impaired, leaving the face paler and dark spots on the eyelids.

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The dermatologist Patrícia Elias explains each one of them:

Types of dark circles under the eyes: Structural

It usually occurs because of a lack of fat layer ( fat ) e hyaluronic acid Or, even, because of the shape of the face itself, which gives a deep aspect to the eyes.

Types of dark circles under the eyes: Vascular

It happens when the flow of fluid under the eyes is slower. stress to smoking or to alcoholic beverages. It is more prominent in people who have rhinitis .

Types of dark circles under the eyes: Sanguineous

Blood redness is generated by a pigment that is part of our blood, called hemosiderin, which passes through the capillaries (tiny blood vessels) and is deposited on the skin, and when it comes into contact with the sun, this substance oxidizes and darkens the area," says the specialist.allergies or by the act of scratching the eyes too hard."

Types of dark circles under the eyes: Pigmented

Sun exposure and hormonal changes are the main risk factors.

Types of dark circles under the eyes: Mixed

As the name says, it can be a mixture of all the others. Most people suffer from this type of dark circles.

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How to get rid of dark circles under the eyes?

The various treatments for dark circles under the eyes vary according to the type, but may involve the use of topical products and aesthetic procedures, such as lasers:

Vascular, pigmented and mixed dark circles

Cut a cucumber slice into small cubes. Mix them in a container with 50 ml of chamomile tea at room temperature and refrigerate for three hours. Then sanitize your face, soak two cotton balls in the liquid, and place them over your eyes for 10 minutes.

Finally, remove the cotton swabs and apply a bruise ointment, which will serve to drain and increase the circulation The product can be used for more than three days, as long as it is stored in the refrigerator," explains the professional.

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Bloodshot eyes

After using the same recipe as chamomile and cucumber tea, thioglycolic acid is recommended. Thioglycolic acid should be used at night, in low concentration, and only once - at most twice - a week. Consult your doctor before you start using this ingredient.

Structural Dark Circles

In this case, you need to look for a specialist to apply hyaluronic acid or fat to the region.

Source: Patrícia Elias, dermatologist.


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