Tips on how to use goji berry for weight loss

 Tips on how to use goji berry for weight loss

Lena Fisher

Have you heard of goji berry ? it is a small pink fruit with a slightly sweet taste. Because of its properties, it has been used in oriental medicine since the beginning. dehydrated version, it fell in the favor of the Brazilian consumer, especially for those who use goji berry for weight loss .

It's no news that the Asian delicacy is low in calories - two tablespoons contain 100 calories. But what many people wonder is if the fruit really does lose weight.

Does goji berry lose weight after all?

There is no magic potion when it comes to losing weight: you have to combine a healthy, balanced diet with an exercise routine to see the scales go down. That said, weight loss is the main benefit proven by science. A 2011 study published in Journal of the American College of Nutrition concluded that 120 ml of goji berry juice for 14 days helped increase the metabolic rates of volunteers in the experiment.

In addition, a reduction in abdominal circumference was noted in these people, when compared to a group that took a placebo. The reason for this effect may be linked to vitamin C, which helps to decrease resistance to the loss of fat mass.

The fruit is also indicated to fight and attenuate cellulite. A nutrient called beta-sisterol present in the goji berry has anti-inflammatory action. Cellulite is the inflammatory process of fat cells.

On the scale of glycemic index (GI), it adds up to 29 points. Foods with less than 50 are considered low GI. And the advantage of this is simple: fruit does not cause peaks of glucose and insulin in the blood. When blood sugar rises, the body is prone to fat accumulation, especially in the waist area, and diabetes. And when that insulin falls again, we feel hungry faster.

Finally, goji berry has amino acids that are crucial for the formation of serotonin, the hormone that causes the feeling of well-being and that also works to reduce the compulsion for sweets, carbohydrates, and fatty foods.

As a bonus, when consuming goji berry, you also ingest a substance called beta-sisterol, which has anti-inflammatory action and acts on cellulite.

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How to consume goji berry to lose weight

This berry is usually found in grocery stores and cereal areas in dehydrated form, which is very versatile for consumption. It can be added to granola, yogurt, vitamins, and fruit salads. Besides juice, there are tea versions, which can be served as an afternoon snack and throughout the day.

How much to consume

Include two to three 120 ml tablespoons of goji berry juice to lose weight in a healthy way. However, the supplement form needs to be prescribed by a nutritionist, as the formulation may vary according to the manufacturer of the product.

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