Tips on how to use ginseng for weight loss

 Tips on how to use ginseng for weight loss

Lena Fisher

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Ginseng is a popular adaptogen, valued for its medical applications and studied extensively. One of its most popular applications is in the world of weight loss, and many people wonder if it is really possible to use ginseng for weight loss .

The main relationship between ginseng and weight loss is that the root contains the ginsenoside component Rg3, which is responsible for helping to burn calories.

In addition, a Chinese study recently published in the peer-reviewed journal Gut has begun to consider the impact of ginseng on the gut microbiota. The researchers considered the process by which ginseng aids in weight loss, seeking to find out what the herb interferes with weight.

Thus, research has indicated that ginseng products can induce the production of bacteria that alter the way the body burns fat. Also, they found that the microbiota influenced by ginseng plays an important role in metabolism. Such a finding offers promise for the development of weight loss treatments.

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Finally, ginseng tea also stimulates energy production, reduces inflammation, and improves mental performance.

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How to consume ginseng

Ginseng is found in several forms: powder, extract in capsules, decoct (for teas), and tincture (liquid extraction of the product). According to the National Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA), the recommended dose of tincture is 8 to 18 mg for a maximum of three months.

However, the indication of ginseng varies according to the individual needs of each person, so the ideal is to have the guidance of a doctor or nutritionist before consuming the root on a daily basis.

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