The 80/20 Diet: How the weight loss plan works

 The 80/20 Diet: How the weight loss plan works

Lena Fisher

Have you ever thought of losing weight without giving up temptations? Moderation is the principle of 80/20 diet The method adopted by Hollywood actresses such as Jessica Alba and Olivia Munn allows you to eat in a controlled and healthy way in 80% of the meals and without deprivation in the other 20%.

Thus, the proportion facilitates the process of dietary re-education and creates good habits. However, common sense is needed during the liberated meals.

On the one hand, vegetables, whole grains, and lean meats, and on the other, the famous "pé na jaca", when there is no concern with calories and quantity of food.


The healthy part of the diet, the 80%, must have a stricter menu. No processed foods or refined carbohydrates, so prefer whole ingredients, vegetables, fruits, lean meats, and lots of water.


The free meal should be done in moderation, even if you are free to eat whatever you want, but you have to pay attention to portion size and excessive calories. Sweets, pasta, bread, desserts, and all those items that we know it is better to avoid.

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The "junk" food ends up being a motivation to kill cravings and not give up the program. But, a tip is to plan the 20% for parties, events, or some situation where you will eat out of home.

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Some experts disagree about how the 80/20 diet works to achieve weight loss: free meals only one day a week, not every day. That way, on the remaining days, the diet should be healthy. Another way to apply it is to schedule 4 meals with temptations every week (21 main meals, in the case of breakfast, lunch and dinner).

Benefits of the 80/20 diet

It is possible to lose weight without giving up the temptations of everyday life.


When eating in the 20% category, one may feel guilty. However, another risk is not being able to keep the proportion in balance and stagnating weight loss.

Only the professional can point out the best program, the goals in relation to weight loss, and the well-being in the routine.

Lena Fisher

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