Stopping birth control: know the side effects

 Stopping birth control: know the side effects

Lena Fisher

If you intend to stop taking contraceptives, first of all it is essential to understand that there may be several changes in your body and mind.

Over time people have started to question the harm that the pill can do to the body, so many women are avoiding the contraceptive pill and opting for hormone-free methods of contraception, such as the copper IUD, for example.

The contraceptive method most used by Brazilian women is the pill, according to a survey carried out by the Ipsos Institute with the pharmaceutical company Organon. 58% of women consider this the first option, followed by the condom, adopted by 43%.

What is the contraceptive used for?

The meaning of the word conception is the effect of generating a living being. "In general, the purpose of the contraceptive is to prevent pregnancy through anovulation. In other words, it blocks the hormonal production and release of the ovum, the female gamete, so that fertilization by a sperm can occur," explains Dr. Ana Livia Pascom, a gynecologist specialized in urogynecology and contraception,menopause and endocrine gynecology.

Although most commonly used to prevent pregnancy, the medication also helps treat problems such as irregular bleeding, PMS, endometriosis, and polycystic ovarian syndrome.

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Can I stop taking the contraceptive whenever I want?

The interruption of the use of the contraceptive can be done at any time, but the ideal is to wait until the end of the cartel, for better control of the cycle.

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According to Dr. Ana Livia, it is also important to emphasize that when stopping the pill, there is hormonal unblocking. Consequently, ovulation occurs and risk of unplanned pregnancy, besides menstrual bleeding outside the ideal period.

What happens to the body when you stop taking contraceptives

The gynecologist explains that discontinuation of birth control can bring about various side effects, so here are the most common ones:

  • Return of menstrual cycles;
  • Mastalgia (breast pain);
  • Increased volume of the breasts and pelvic region;
  • Vaginal secretion varies according to the phase of the cycle;
  • Increased menstrual volume and cramps.

One can also notice the worsening of PMS (Pre Menstrual Tension) symptoms related to mood such as irritability, emotional lability, headache, and even increased appetite with a tendency to consume sweets.


Without a doubt, one of the most common doubts about stopping the contraceptive is the effect on the skin, especially with the increase in acne. "The hormonal block produced by the combined contraceptives prevents the natural menstrual cycle variation. This variation is the cause of the increase in skin oiliness and consequent acne in some women," explains Dr. Ana Livia.

According to the gynecologist, by suspending the contraceptives many women experience a worsening of the acne. However, making it clear that it is not in all cases, and often only temporarily.

How long does it take before I can get pregnant?

However, in general, we observe the return of regular cycles and pregnancy in up to 3 to 4 cycles without the use of the medication", concludes the specialist.

Source: Dr. Ana Livia Pascom, gynecologist specialized in urogynecology, contraception, menopause, and endocrine gynecology; member of Doctoralia.

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