Squat hack: Benefits and how to do it

 Squat hack: Benefits and how to do it

Lena Fisher

To strengthen your legs and get your buttocks hard, the hack squat is a great option. exercise is one of several variations of the traditional squat.

Thus, the hack squat works not only the glutes and quadriceps, but also the hind, calf and hip flexors.

The hack squat is the brainchild of George Hackenschmidt, a wrestler and weightlifter, who aimed to create an exercise that focused on building muscle mass and strength like the traditional squat, but which would not cause joint or back problems.

The movement can be performed by anyone. But first of all, it is important to emphasize that to perform any kind of exercise, you must have the support of a physical educator to avoid possible injuries.

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The hack squat can bring several benefits to the body, so check out the main benefits of the exercise below:

  • It helps in building strength and muscle;
  • It works several muscle groups at the same time;
  • In addition, it improves posture and spinal alignment;
  • Helping to prevent injuries;
  • It does not cause as much stress on the spine, because it allows you to distribute the load more equally;
  • Finally, it allows you to train each leg individually.

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How to do the squat hack

  1. Start with your back resting on the cushions of the machine, and keep your feet hip-width apart;
  2. So hold the side handles with your hands for support and security, inhale, lift, and unlock the device;
  3. Then start the squatting movement slowly until you reach an angle of less than 90 degrees with your knees;
  4. Then return to the starting position;
  5. Do the number of repetitions and series indicated by a trained professional.

Lena Fisher

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