Spinning: what it is, benefits and how to do it

 Spinning: what it is, benefits and how to do it

Lena Fisher

The bicycle is a great ally for those who seek burn calories And if you can't ride in the streets every day, invest in spinning The class is done on a stationary exercise bike.

These transitions are controlled by the practitioner himself, who will make adjustments to the bike's load with the intention of changing resistance.

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Generally, the classes are accompanied by a physical education professional, who points out which stimuli the student should follow to raise or lower the heart rate.

Types of training

To talk about pedaling for 45 minutes in a closed room may sound a bit monotonous, but not all spinning classes are the same:

  • Interval: is the training that brings peaks of intensity, high and low, and the duration is always controlled by a stopwatch.
  • Go ahead: category that can vary in continuous - at the same weight and same rate, increasing, which follows at a given rate only increasing load, and decreasing, with increasing rate and maintaining the weight.
  • Endurance: In this class practitioners remain seated the entire time they pedal and follow a standard rhythm throughout the workout.
  • High intensity: A racing competition is simulated, in which the intention is to reach the apex of the pedaling faster and faster until the "finish line" is reached.
  • Fartlek: is a workout that combines the characteristics of all types of spinning classes mixed together.


Known to be a powerful way to burn unwanted fat, spinning class burns up to 500 to 700 calories per hour Thus, learn about the main benefits of this modality.

  • Work the glutes, making them firmer and greatly reducing cellulite;
  • Strengthen the thighs, fighting cellulite on the inner and lateral part of the thighs;
  • Improve blood circulation in the legs, fighting swelling;
  • Strengthen the abdominal muscles when the class is done with the belly tucked in;
  • It improves heart and respiratory function, lowers cholesterol, and helps control the rate of glucose in the blood.

How to adjust the bike in spinning class

Many people don't like to do spinning because they think that this type of stimulus forces the knees - which could lead to an injury. But that's not so. Just position yourself correctly on the bike before you start and your training will be safe and efficient. So, check out step by step how to adjust it:

  • Seat height: For the correct height, you need to stand next to the seat and adjust it to the height of your hip bone. Therefore, when sitting, the knee should be slightly bent when the foot is in the lowest pedaling position.
  • Handlebar height: However, it is more important to take flexibility into consideration, finding a position that does not overload the lumbar spine.
  • Distance from the seat to the handlebar: make it higher than the seat, because this ensures a comfortable ride.
  • Foot Firm adjustment: Attach the shoe to the tape, leaving it firm, and place the shoelace inside, so it doesn't get tangled in the pedal.

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Exercise or spinning bike?

This is one of the main doubts of those who seek to cycle at home. First, you must understand that there is a difference between the two.

Exercise bikes are recommended - especially - for people who already practice physical activities. It is possible to increase or reduce the load. In addition, the horizontal version ensures greater stability for the spine. The amount of calories you can burn on the exercise bike depends on your weight and the time and intensity of your exercises. That is, the more intense yourWhen the training is intense, it is possible to burn an average of 500 calories during one hour.

The spinning bike, on the other hand, is similar to an outdoor bike, that is, the one people usually ride on the street. This way, it can be a great option for those who prefer cycling and even for beginners.

Who can take spinning class?

In general, there are no contraindications for those who wish to include spinning in their daily lives. However, the main prerequisite is that the person must be in good health, which can be evaluated by a physical trainer or, preferably, by a doctor.

Does spinning thin or thicken the legs?

Many people who practice the sport or are curious about it, or those who have not yet begun the activity, wonder if the spinning serves to increase or decrease thigh and calf size .

In fact, this cycling only decreases the size of the thighs if there is fat in the region to lose, this tied to a diet focused on weight loss.

The indoor cycling class benefits those who seek muscle definition, but for truly satisfactory results and injury prevention, it is important to have the proper training.complement with strength training," explains professor and physical educator Gabriel Vieira.

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Source: Gabriel Vieira, teacher and physical educator.

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