Silent Pregnancy: Is it possible for a woman not to know she is pregnant?

 Silent Pregnancy: Is it possible for a woman not to know she is pregnant?

Lena Fisher

Becoming pregnant is an important moment in any woman's life - so much so that a series of exams and medical follow-ups are necessary to guarantee that everything goes as planned. delivery (the so-called silent pregnancy)?

According to Cinthia Calsinski, an obstetric nurse, silent pregnancy, as this condition is called, is uncommon, but it can happen. third quarter It's very close to childbirth or even at the time of giving birth," she explains.

Many times, pregnancy ends up "masked" by some previous health conditions: "Women with menstrual irregularities, that is, who have long periods without menstruating, have more difficulty to ovulation They may have more difficulty in following their cycle and in noticing when there is a menstrual delay. Obese patients also end up aggravating this difficulty", explains gynecologist Fernanda Pepicelli.

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Silent pregnancy vs constant bleeding

Another issue that can lead to childbirth scares for these women is the continuity of periodic bleeding - which would give the impression that the woman is still menstruating. polycystic ovaries Women who use contraceptives continuously can forget a pill, get pregnant, and keep taking them, which would make diagnosis very difficult.

In any case, it is essential to investigate bleeding that happens during a pregnancy, as it is not considered normal.

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Other signs

Pregnancy, like many other physical conditions, has specific symptoms that are usually quite common. For example, sore and swollen breasts, sleepiness, excessive fatigue Nausea and vomiting, and discomfort related to foods and smells are the most commonly reported.

Other than that, after a certain stage of pregnancy, the baby's movement in the belly hardly goes unnoticed, but it can also happen that it is not noticed. If the woman arrives in the delivery room without, in fact, knowing that she was pregnant, the labor then is emergency: both to do the HIV and hepatitis B part of prenatal For Fernanda, it is also important to offer emotional support to the mother, due to the shock of the discovery.

"After delivery, it is also important to have a psychological evaluation to understand the denial of the pregnancy," says Cinthia. "Abuse and neglect are known to be more common in women who deny the pregnancy."

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Sources: Cinthia Calsinski, obstetric nurse; and Fernanda Pepicelli, gynecologist at MedPrimus clinic.

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