Protein breakfast: 8 practical and nutritious ideas

 Protein breakfast: 8 practical and nutritious ideas

Lena Fisher

What better thing to do than to start the day with a breakfast It's not only gym enthusiasts who can benefit from this food choice, you see: because eating sources of this nutrient in the breakfast can guarantee satiety and energy to face daily activities.

What is protein?

A protein is nothing more than a set of molecules (the amino acids ) that join together to form long chains to make up our muscles and other structures in the body.

About half of the amino acids we need to survive are produced naturally by the body. The rest, on the other hand, must be obtained through feeding .

This is how the protein foods are important for the maintenance of our health: when ingesting a food source of protein (be it animal or vegetable), the body breaks this nutrient down into various amino acids. muscle building .

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What are the benefits of a protein breakfast?

By eating protein sources first thing in the morning, you ensure:

  • Maintenance and possible gain of muscle mass: Strength exercises cause the breakdown of protein in muscle tissue. muscles get stronger The amino acid leucine, for example, plays a particularly important role in this process, triggering protein synthesis;
  • More satiety: Protein-rich meals hold down the hunger for longer;
  • Immunity booster: since the antibodies and the body's defense cells are made from amino acids;
  • Healthy skin: o collagen The substance that gives skin firmness and prevents wrinkles and expression marks, is a protein;
  • Balancing hormones;
  • Faster healing: since tissue repair is potentiated;
  • Joint health: which are formed, basically, by collagen.

What to choose as an accompaniment?

To enhance the satiating effects of protein, you can combine it with ingredients rich in fibers as the whole grains and the fruits.

Protein breakfast idea

  • Salted crepe
  • Banana Crepioca
  • Omelet
  • Scrambled Eggs
  • Ketogenic Cashew Nut Bread
  • Cheese bread with ricotta and chia
  • Frozen papaya and walnut yogurt
  • Peanut butter balls

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