Plank Position: 3 types to define the arms

 Plank Position: 3 types to define the arms

Lena Fisher

The plank position is one of the most complete and effective exercises for defining the abdomen. But what few people know is that the plank position is also an excellent ally when it comes to toning the arms.

Follow a routine with these three types of planks and get ready to conquer killer biceps and triceps.

Plank Position: 3 types to define the arms

Board position 1

For this first exercise, you should support all your weight with the tips of your feet and the palms of your hands.

When you balance yourself in the position, raise your left arm until it is fully extended and, at the same time, extend your right leg backwards.

Alternate 12 times, for 3 cycles.

Board 2

Maintain the initial plank position, except that now you will bring your right knee to your left elbow.

Lower, repeat then bringing the left knee to the right elbow and do the movement again 15 times, for 2 successions.

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Board Position 3

This is one of the most complex planks, but it is also one of the most effective for strengthening the arms. So all you need to do is to place your body as if you were doing a traditional plank, and then turn your torso so that one arm is resting on the floor and the other towards the ceiling.

Finally, when you are firm in this position, return to the starting pose and turn to the other side, alternating 10 times each.

Difference between plank and abdominal

The similarity you probably already know. Both are specific exercises for the abdomen region, but the difference is in the muscle recruitment. The plank, when executed in the correct way, activates the core, a set of 29 pairs of trunk muscles, which is linked to good posture, stability, proprioception, and protection of internal organs.

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