About JaneCare

JaneCare Inc began as an immediate response to Covid 19, making masks to help our family, friends, neighbors and ourselves.⁠

Just a few months later and we're so happy to introduce you to our brand new CARE kits, featuring products that help you care for yourself and others. Curated and created by women and minority owned businesses, the JaneCare team chooses products that make us feel good and make us DO good when we send to others. ⁠

Our founder, Julie Stewart made her first care kit after their Aunt was given a rough diagnosis, just about a year ago. Feeling like a card or flowers wasn't enough, she looked for care packages but couldn't find anything that spoke to their Aunt's experience so she decided to make and send her own.⁠

During the process of launching then pivoting JaneCare Inc., we've also been able to donate to organizations that help lift others up and we think that's pretty great, so we're going to keep doing exactly that! ⁠

We believe care can move mountains. ⁠