Nebulization (inhalation): what is it and when is it recommended?

 Nebulization (inhalation): what is it and when is it recommended?

Lena Fisher

A nebulization Inhalation, which is also known as inhalation, is an inhalation treatment with saline solution or other medicines to improve the respiratory condition. It is indicated, mainly, when we have a congested nose or excessive secretion in the lungs.

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Nebulization with saline is often used to hydrate the airways, which can become drier with the dry climate or pollution. In addition, it is recommended for cases of nasal congestion, One session is all it takes to feel the relief and breathe better, and it can be done in children and adults of all ages.

However, if the inflammatory conditions are more severe, such as rhinosinusitis, asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia or a flu or cold Thus, a doctor's recommendation is essential, because inhalation medicines act in different ways on the problem.

For example, bronchodilators help to "open up more space" in the airways by dilating them. The side effect is usually an acceleration of the heartbeat. antibiotics (which are less often used this way) are used to fight an infection of bacterial origin. Therefore, a professional prescription is important for the correct dosage of the medication.

How to do nebulization?

The procedure is simple and can be done in the hospital or at home, if the treatment is continuous. nebulizers are easily found in pharmacies and specialized medical stores. there are also several options of equipment, such as the ultrasonic ones, which are quieter, and wireless portable ones. at first, the handling of the equipment and medication is very intuitive - mostnebulizers have a container for adding the serum and other medications.

Both in the hospital and at home, the nebulization lasts between 15 and 30 minutes To do it, sit down and place the mask on your face and breathe normally to inhale the vapor. Doctors recommend breathing slowly and consciously for the effectiveness of the treatment.

Beware of over nebulization

Although nebulization with saline solution has no contraindications, it is necessary to pay attention to the number of sessions, especially if there are other types of inhalation medication, since exceeding the amount of nebulizations can cause several health problems. In case of doubt, always talk to your doctor and respect his guidelines.

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