Longan: Learn about the benefits of dragon's eye

 Longan: Learn about the benefits of dragon's eye

Lena Fisher

Longan is a fruit also known as dragon's eye It is widely used for medicinal purposes in other countries, especially in the Asian continent.

In Brazil, the production is still small. It is cultivated in the Southeast region, especially in the state of São Paulo. Besides being nutritious, this is also a very versatile fruit. Its properties (and also its appearance) are similar to those of lychee But the taste is reminiscent of melon, very sweet.

Benefits of consuming longan

Combats constipation

An excellent source of fiber, it helps intestinal function, prevents or combats constipation, and relieves bloating due to constipation.

More relaxing sleep

Longan helps to promote a more relaxing and calm sleep, so it is possible that the fruit also helps to relieve symptoms of stress and anxiety.

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Helps prevent anemia

This fruit is rich not only in vitamins, fiber and antioxidants, but also in minerals, including iron Iron is an essential mineral for blood health and helps prevent diagnosis of anemia .

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Helps in the treatment of colds

Basically, due to its antiviral properties, it not only prevents colds and flus, but can also relieve their symptoms.

Improves skin appearance

The vitamin in its composition offers more health to the skin, leaving it looking healthier. In addition, the fruit delays premature aging, because it contains vitamin C in abundance. This vitamin causes the production of collagen to increase, which leaves the skin firmer and smoother.

Its antioxidant action promotes the removal of free radicals from the body, which helps to reduce spots and wrinkles.

Lena Fisher

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