Linha nigra: what it is and when it appears during pregnancy

 Linha nigra: what it is and when it appears during pregnancy

Lena Fisher

The journey of motherhood is unique for every woman, which means that the physical changes are not the same for everyone. The nigra line shows this while not all pregnant women will see it appear on their body as the belly grows to accommodate the baby.

As the name already explains to the mother, it is a line that can form from the navel upwards as well as downwards. There are also pregnant women who witness the line across the middle of the belly.

As the mark appears, some maternal figures may become concerned about its significance. However, it is nothing more than a reflection of the hormonal swings common during this period.

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What stage of pregnancy is the most common with the nigra line?

According to obstetrician Mariana Betioli, a specialist in intimate health, the nigra line tends to appear from the fifth month of pregnancy And there is a physiological explanation for this.

"This is when the accumulated effects of estrogen and progesterone induce an increase in the production of melatonin", contextualizes the specialist.

Mariana also points out that this darkening doesn't only happen in the abdominal region. The areola of the breasts and the genital area can also become more pigmented during pregnancy.

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What you need to do to make the brand disappear

After all, hydration and nutrition decrease the inflammatory process of stretching the skin, even reducing the itching caused by stretch marks during this period.

The use of moisturizers and oils are also usually good allies for the skin after childbirth. However, there is nothing that can be done to make the nigra line disappear faster. According to the obstetrician, the mark may start to become lighter after the birth, however, the tendency is that it will take a few months to disappear completely and the process is natural.

Source: Mariana Betioli, obstetrician, specialist in intimate health, and CEO of Inciclo.

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