Learn about the benefits of using saline on hair

 Learn about the benefits of using saline on hair

Lena Fisher

There is no shortage of options for hair care products, and one of them that is full of benefits and is probably not on your list of most used is saline solution. But is it really possible that using saline solution on your hair can bring benefits to your hair? As it turns out, it is beneficial, because using it makes your hair softer and shinier. Find out nowother benefits and learn how to use it.

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The Benefits of Saline on Hair

According to Alberto Cordeiro, dermatologist, saline does indeed benefit the hair, "The secret is in its pH, which is very similar to our body's," he explained to the American Vix website.

The solution, when applied, is absorbed by the hair and helps close the cuticles, resulting in more shine and softness.

Saline has a pH of 6.0 - slightly acidic. When applied to the strands, it seals the cuticles, prevents dryness and loss of moisture.

In addition, the use of saline leaves the hair more hydrated and with less frizz. Likewise, unlike shower water, it is free of any metallic residue, so it prevents the hair from becoming "heavy". The result is a lighter looking strand.

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How to use it?

The process is quite simple: just use the solution to rinse your hair after using the shampoo and conditioner. It is also worth mixing the product with treatment masks. The product does not present contraindications or risks for the health of the hair, on the contrary: it promises to leave your hair even more beautiful!

However, in case of any hair alterations, such as hair loss, breaks, and changes in the scalp, it is recommended that you see a dermatologist to better guide you about the treatment.

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