Lavender tea: Properties and benefits

 Lavender tea: Properties and benefits

Lena Fisher

A lavender is a medicinal plant with calming properties known to be allied in the treatment of anxiety, depression, and stress. Besides lavender tea, the herb can also be used in the form of essential oil.

If you've ever applied some lavender oil to your wrist or inhaled the flower's fragrance in nature, then you know firsthand how it provides a calming effect - and the same sensation applies to tea .

Its main herbal properties are vitamins, especially vitamin C and the niacin (B3), and essential minerals such as iron and calcium.

Benefits of Lavender Tea

Improves mood

In principle, lavender is known to combat the symptoms of anxiety, as well as depression and stress. It also helps combat headaches, which can stem from emotional fatigue.

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Lavender tea strengthens immunity

Being rich in vitamin C and B vitamins, it helps to keep immunity protected and strengthened, preventing diseases from reaching the body and weakening health.

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Combats fatigue

Also, despite having a mild sedative effect, lavender also fights discouragement In addition, it can also be beneficial for muscle recovery after exercise.

How to consume lavender in addition to tea

The flowers - the part of the plant used to make tea - can be harvested and used immediately, but you also have the option of drying the stems upside down in a cool place for later use. In the garden, lavender requires excellent drainage and sunshine. However, there are other ways of consuming the medicinal plant.

  • Essential Oil;
  • Therapeutic baths;
  • Perfumes;
  • Diffuser;
  • Massages.

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