How to slim your waist? Expert points out the biggest mistakes

 How to slim your waist? Expert points out the biggest mistakes

Lena Fisher

For various reasons, some women are not satisfied with their own bodies. In some cases, the desire is to lose weight, in others, to gain muscle mass. There are also those who wish to slim their waistlines and, to do so, try different methods - from an intense series of sit-ups to buying modeling belts. Victoria Cardoso, personal trainer and specialist in Low Pressure Fitness points out the biggest mistakes in this process and explains how to slim the waist in a proper and safe way.

According to the professional, it is possible to slim the waist as long as the right strategies are used. Low Pressure Fitness that make the activation of the transversal abdomen, it is possible to reduce measures in the region", he assures.

Without professional guidance, some people end up acquiring habits that may seem efficient, but do not help them achieve the desired results. In addition, some practices can be harmful to the body.

Biggest mistakes

In this way, Victoria points out what are the two main mistakes made by those who want to slim their waist:

  • Do oblique crunches;
  • Use modeling girdles.

The personal trainer explains that the oblique abdominals cause hypertrophy in the region, generating the opposite result: "If you do an exercise specifically for the side of the abdomen, you will increase the size of the muscles in this region, and this makes people look like a 'square' waist," she says.

In addition, the girdle can worsen abdominal flaccidity: "The abdominal muscles have the function of support, and for this, they need to be activated in the correct way. The girdle plays the role of support for you, so the muscles do not need to work. Any muscle that does not work, loses tone, and increases flaccidity. And then, it becomes a vicious cycle", he comments. Thus, the ideal is that the use of girdlesis only done under medical supervision, such as after surgery.

In addition, other points that are commonly neglected by those who wish to slim their waist, but which have great influence on the process, are breathing and posture: "Bad posture makes the abdomen greenhouse, this causes the waist to be affected, and breathing by stuffing the abdomen (especially during physical exercises) also worsens the condition," he explains.

How to Slim Your Waist?

There are habits that, when practiced frequently and in the right way, bring benefits and bring about visible changes in the waist region. Victoria maintains that the results depend, above all, on three factors: nutrition, physical exercise, and Low Pressure Fitness .

The professional explains that the abdomen is the region in which women tend to accumulate the most fat. Therefore, to slim the waist, it is necessary to pay attention to the diet as a whole. The practice of physical exercises, such as cardiorespiratory and weight training, is also indicated by the personal. In addition, she takes the opportunity to stress the importance of training the upper limbs: "Upper limbsWith the exception of the obliques, the abdominals, in general, do not hinder the reduction of measures in the waist region.


O Low Pressure Fitness It is a postural training that involves abdominal activation and rhythmic breathing, thus activating the transversal abdomen, the diaphragm, and the neuromiofascial mobilization.

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Other habits

Besides diet, workouts, and LPF practice, taking care of sleep and staying hydrated are essential. "These habits need to be connected. Not only for a slimmer waistline, but this is the basics for a healthier life overall," Victoria points out.

Finally, the professional also explains that new mothers usually have difficulties to thin the waist, since diastasis, i.e., the distancing of the abdominal muscles during pregnancy, makes the process more difficult: "Many mothers do not do specific exercises for this condition in the postpartum period and, therefore, the abdomen looks flabby, swollen and without the ability to hold the weight.Therefore, rehabilitating that abdomen postpartum with LPF is also important," she adds.

Source: Victoria Cardoso, personal trainer and specialist in Low Pressure Fitness (LPF)

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