How to preserve strawberries so that they last longer in the refrigerator

 How to preserve strawberries so that they last longer in the refrigerator

Lena Fisher

The fruit is red, tasty, and very flavorful. Versatile, it can be used in salads, juices, smoothies, to add flavor to yogurt or tea, as well as being the main ingredient in delicious sweets and desserts. Besides, it is low in calories - a cup of whole strawberries provides only 46 calories But despite all the advantages, the food has a disadvantage: its short shelf life. How, then, to better preserve strawberries?

How to preserve strawberries?

Wash only at the time of consumption

The habit may not be practicality's best friend, but washing food only before consuming it prevents it from spoiling quickly. mold and mildew .

Refrigerator now

As soon as you arrive home from the market (or supermarket), open the tray of strawberries, discard the moldy or spoiled ones, and store the rest in the refrigerator Ideally, they should be in the least refrigerated part of the appliance, such as the vegetable drawer.

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How to preserve strawberries? The pot makes the difference

If you remove the strawberry stems (green part), leave them upside down in a container lined with paper towels so they don't accumulate water Remember not to stack them: they should be in only one layer so as not to crumple them.

In addition, airtight and glass jars are the best for storing the fruit Colored (not transparent) packaging also works, since it doesn't let the light from the refrigerator reach the food.

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Will it spoil? Make a syrup!

However, if even with all the care described above, you notice that the strawberries have become dark and bruised, it is worth preparing a jelly or syrup to add to the yogurt This way, there is no waste! Check out some recipes:

  • Strawberry syrup
  • Strawberry jam

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