How to know if I am gaining muscle mass or fat

 How to know if I am gaining muscle mass or fat

Lena Fisher

When you start working out at the gym, it is normal to want fast results. But even with the right amount of exercise, your weight hasn't fallen? This can happen for two reasons: you are gaining muscle mass or fat.

Know if you are gaining muscle or fat

Strength exercises contribute to an increase in lean body mass, and consequently to an increase in weight on the scale. This is because muscle mass may even have the same weight as fat - i.e. one kilogram of muscle is the same as one kilogram of fat tissue. However, the difference is that lean mass is much more compact, and takes up less space in the body.

Therefore, one way to find out if you really are losing weight Notice if the sagging has decreased, if the skin is firmer, and if clothes fit better. This means that your body is exchanging fat for muscle!

Remember that the weight loss process is not that quick, and nutrition is also an extremely important factor.

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How muscle mass gain occurs

The process of muscle gain begins with the stress generated by muscle contraction. This is followed by an increase in the size of the muscle fiber - which is called hypertrophy.

In the first weeks of training, neural adaptation occurs, when muscle pain appears. But it's in the second month that the results start to show: "There is a first gain in resistance, strength, or muscle flexibility, depending on the objective of the training" explains Bianca Pichirilli, a physical educator.

In the 5th month, it is possible to see the increase of the muscles and the reach of hypertrophy. At this moment, it is possible to notice the difference between before and after: "However, in this phase, the workouts must always be adjusted, because your body will stabilize if you keep the same stimuli", concludes the specialist.

Thus, it is important to emphasize that to make muscle mass gain faster, you can adopt some strategies. However, you should have the guidance of a physical educator.

Source: Bianca Pichirilli - physical educator graduated from the Federal University of São Carlos (UFSCAR) .

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