How to gain muscle mass in the legs? Best exercises

 How to gain muscle mass in the legs? Best exercises

Lena Fisher
Reviewed by Bianca Pichirilli Physical Educator - CREF 144786-G/SP

You knit with the goal of increase the volume of your thighs Well, you should know that some variables are essential for this process to happen, how to gain muscle mass in the legs :

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How to gain muscle mass in the legs?

When we talk about gaining lean mass, we cannot forget that we are referring to the classic muscular hypertrophy : that is, the increase in volume of our muscles .

"If you want, for example, to increase the area of your legs, you have to make that muscle bigger. And how do we do this? By hypertrophying the region", explains the Physical Education professional and personal trainer Roberto Lima.

For the process to take place, it is necessary to stimulate the muscles with resistance exercises - Basically, the central idea is repeat a certain movement until you reach your maximum effort (the so-called failure) .

According to the specialist, this can be done both with the use of devices and equipment (dumbbells, bars and washers, for example), and with the body weight The difference is that the equipment and the loads optimize the time spent to reach maximum effort," adds the personal trainer. He gives examples:

  • In a squat without accessories Even in a squat done only with the barbell, it will take many repetitions until failure is reached (about twenty);
  • On the other hand, if this same person add ten, fifteen or even twenty kilos on each side of the bar This saves time in the workout, and allows her to do other types of exercises.

How to gain muscle mass in the legs: importance of food

Furthermore, we cannot forget that a proper diet is essential for those who want to have thicker thighs. After all, food is responsible for ensuring energy for a good performance in workouts, in addition to sufficient substrates for the proper repair of muscle fibers and, consequently, hypertrophy.

In general, the diet for gaining muscle mass needs to have a specific characteristic: the caloric surplus If you burn two thousand calories, for example, you need to consume more calories than that", says nutritionist and physical education professional Dani Borges.

However, just because you need to eat more, does not mean that you can fill your menu with fast food Besides the quantity, it is worth keeping an eye on the quality of your food.

So, the best way to adapt your meals to guarantee muscle growth is to count on the help of a professional, who will indicate the portions your body needs. Among the several essential nutrients for the goal, Dani mentions two: carbohydrates and proteins .

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How to gain muscle mass in the legs? Best exercises

The personal Roberto Lima says that it is important to have a good combination of isolated exercises with multi-articular exercises While the former move only one joint, and thus focus on certain muscle groups, the latter work more than one joint during the movement, requiring the effort of several muscles at the same time.

The professional lists the exercises he likes best for his legs, "always remembering that more important than the exercises themselves is the combination done with them:


  • Standing up, spread your feet apart in line with your shoulders;
  • Keep your spine upright and always look straight ahead;
  • Squat down as far as you can, as if you were going to sit in a chair, but keep your heels off the floor and contract your abdomen;
  • Return to the starting position by exhaling the air;
  • Over time, you will gain practice and can add load to the movement.

Land Surveying

  • Hold a barbell with both hands, bringing it very close to your legs and with your knees bent;
  • Line up hips, shoulders and head in a diagonal but straight line;
  • Push hard to lift the bar by extending your knees and hips;
  • Do the opposite movement to return to the starting position, so over time you can add washers on either side of the bar.

Stretching chair

  • Sit in the chair and adjust the seat to your height - ask the instructor for help if you need it;
  • See if the bottom of your knees are in the bend of the pillow;
  • Rest your shins on the cushions, leaving both feet straight;
  • Choose the load, always respecting your limits;
  • Rest your back firmly on the backrest and start pushing to extend your knees;
  • Finally, return to the starting position slowly.

Flexion Chair Exercise

  • Sit on the apparatus, supporting your spine well and with your feet on the cushion, with the cushion at the height of your ankle line;
  • Also pay attention when locking the cushion that sits on the thigh, as it should be just above the knees;
  • Bend your knees until your posterior thigh muscles contract as much as possible;
  • Finally, slowly return to the starting position by extending the knees in a controlled manner.

Abductor chair

  • Sit on the apparatus with your back straight, placing your hands at your sides;
  • Spread your legs as far apart as you can to perform the exercise, trying to keep them open for two seconds;
  • Then, close your legs and repeat the exercise again.

Source: Roberto Lima, physical education professional and personal trainer.

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