How to eat chocolate without compromising your diet

 How to eat chocolate without compromising your diet

Lena Fisher

Chocolate is almost unanimous, and for many, the popular dessert can even be an addiction. But, the problem arises when you are on a diet. Some people think that eating chocolate and losing weight But is it possible to enjoy this delicacy and still see the results on the scale?

There are several opinions about this question; but, the answer will depend on the type of chocolate you consume and, of course, the quantity. Understand better.

Eating chocolate in the diet, can you?

Yes, you can. But don't go counting victory ahead of time. O chocolate However, not all types are indicated for consumption. This is because certain chocolates, such as to milk They contain too much sugar and fat.

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Eating white chocolate? The same rule applies as for milk chocolate. It is rich in sugars, saturated fats, and sodium.

Which chocolate to choose?

First of all, overdoing it is not good for your health - much less your diet, so you don't have to eat a whole bar at once. Also, instead of making chocolate the dessert of every meal, why not reserve it for special occasions?

That said, the healthiest version to add to the menu is the dark chocolate This version has a much lower amount of sugars and fats.

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Furthermore, researchers have proven that the conscious and moderate consumption of this type of chocolate brings several health benefits He has the power to:

  • Reduce blood pressure;
  • Increase HDL (the good cholesterol);
  • Protect against LDL oxidation;
  • Decrease insulin resistance.

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Lena Fisher

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