Does mate tea lose weight? Tips on how to consume

 Does mate tea lose weight? Tips on how to consume

Lena Fisher

Does mate tea lose weight? Famous in the preparation of mate tea, mate tea provides several health benefits. The drink is rich in caffeine, minerals and vitamins, which have antioxidant and diuretic properties. mate tea for weight loss as part of a healthy diet.

Does mate tea lose weight? how to use

Recent scientific studies show that the leaf that originates the tea has a diuretic and astringent action, helping to eliminate toxins - substances that, accumulated in excess in the body, not only impair weight loss but also make us gain weight. In addition, the consumption of the drink helps to reduce appetite and speed up metabolism.

The caffeine, present in large quantities in the plant, is a stimulant substance with lipolytic action, that is, it facilitates the burning of excess fat in the body.

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Finally, mate tea is not recommended for people with hypertension. sleep .

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Other tea benefits

The use of mate tea to lose weight is becoming increasingly popular, but its benefits go (far) beyond weight loss. The plant helps treat high cholesterol and also:

  • It is antioxidant;
  • Prevents water retention. Diuretic teas help the body to deflate and get rid of excess fluids, especially water, and salt, whose main effect is swelling in the abdomen and lower limbs;
  • It gives energy.
  • It fights free radicals, slowing down the aging process.

The consumption of 3 cups a day of mate tea are already enough to bring the indicated benefits.

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