Does jiló juice with lemon lose weight?

 Does jiló juice with lemon lose weight?

Lena Fisher

O jiló It has a bitter taste that is rich in B vitamins, magnesium, and flavonoids, which bring health benefits such as improved digestion.

Some believe that the combination is capable of turbocharging weight loss and burning fat by the detox effects of both ingredients. However, does jiló juice with lemon really lose weight and slim down?

Does jiló juice with lemon lose weight or is it a myth?

What is true is that the jiló has very low caloric value and, because it is rich in fiber, it prolongs satiety, while the lemon makes our gastric juice more acidic, which improves the digestion of protein and reduces inflammatory processes, the production of liver fat and insulin. In addition, the drink is considered an antioxidant and helps prevent colds and flu.

In other words, both have many proven health benefits, and there is no contraindication to taking them. However, no evidence suggests that they should be consumed together to enhance the benefits.

Therefore, there is no proof that the mixture is effective for losing weight and slimming without analyzing the context of the diet as a whole. Because, in order to lose weight you need to have a caloric deficit, that is, the body needs to consume fewer calories than it burns. Therefore, there is no need to mix the two if you don't want to: you can consume the foods separately.

Recipe for jiló juice with lemon detox


  • 1 medium unit of raw jiló
  • One lemon
  • 1 cup cream cheese water


Peel the lemon and divide it in four parts. Cut the two ends of the jiló, removing the stem and the tip, and divide it in four parts as well.

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