Dermatosis: all about the condition involving several skin diseases

 Dermatosis: all about the condition involving several skin diseases

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Dermatosis is a generic term for a group of diseases or complaints related to the skin, nails, and scalp. For example, itching, inflammation, scaling, and blistering are part of this group, which can signal allergic reactions or diseases that require medical attention.

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Are dermatosis and dermatitis the same thing?

You have probably heard the word dermatitis around. However, although similar, dermatitis and dermatosis deal with different conditions in the dermatological field. Both are skin problems But dermatitis is characterized by signs of skin inflammation e irritations The dermatosis, on the other hand, does not have an inflammatory condition and is chronic in nature, that is, it can be recurrent and appear at various stages of a person's life. vitiligo.

Types of dermatoses

According to Luciana de Abreu, dermatologist at Dr. Andre Braz's clinic in Rio de Janeiro (RJ), dermatosis can have several origins, precisely because of the variety of symptoms and alterations to which the skin is subject. The motivations can be emotional, allergic, infectious, hereditary, and autoimmune. The following are some examples of dermatoses:


They are small blisters of thin skin with liquid inside. They are painful because they break easily. When they dry out, they form a thick crust that can itch.

Juvenile palmoplantar dermatosis

At first, the allergic reaction manifests itself in the plantar region of the Feet - Fungus and humidity are the main allies of this type of dermatitis, so it is important to always keep your feet dry after contact with water and to use shoes and socks without unity. In addition, using talc and antiperspirant sprays can help avoid the problem.


Related to factors involving the work environment and the professional activity performed Radiation, microwaves, laser, electricity, cold, heat... All these bad weather conditions, natural or not, can cause dermatological reactions. Even the handling of chemical substances, such as pesticides and solvents, can cause occupational dermatosis, especially if there is no proper use of PPE (personal protective equipment). Symptoms that fall under occupational dermatosis areallergies, burns, wounds, and ulcers.

Grey Dermatosis

It has no defined cause. Moreover, it is an unknown as to the origin of this problem. They are lesions Of all the dermatoses, it is perhaps the most complicated to treat, since grayish appears suddenly, with bouts of itching and burning of the skin. As a result, scars become permanent stains .


It is a autoimmune dermatosis. In other words, the body itself fights a cell called the melanocyte, which is responsible for the production of the skin pigment (melanin). The main symptom of vitiligo are whitish spots all over the body, which can be small or take on a larger area. The spots are painless, but are still a reason for prejudice due to lack of information. Therefore, it is important to emphasize that the condition is not transmissible and has no negative effects on the body.

Papulosa nigra

They are small dark brown or black spots that appear on the face and neck. They are painless and are more recurrent in black people.


Luciana explains that the treatment depends on the diagnosis, since dermatoses can have multiple causes. It is important to understand the origin in order to prescribe the most appropriate protocol. Therefore, always consult a dermatologist if you notice any abnormal signs on your skin.

Sources: Luciana de Abreu, dermatologist at Dr. Andre Braz clinic, in Rio de Janeiro (RJ); and Brazilian Society of Dermatology (SBD).

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