Carqueja: What the tea is good for and benefits

 Carqueja: What the tea is good for and benefits

Lena Fisher

Very popular, the carqueja herb grows in wide and diverse terrains, often in vacant lots, and also in pastures, since it needs a lot of sunlight. It is mainly used in alternative medicine, in the form of tea.

Among the main properties of carqueja tea, the diuretic action Not only, it has an antianemic action, that is, it combats the lack of iron in the body. antiasthmatic It also treats hypoglycemia, diarrhea, diabetes, and other conditions.

What is carqueja used for and benefits of carqueja tea

Improves digestion

This potent plant can help improve intestinal function. In this way, it benefits digestion, thus combating constipation. This is explained by the herb's protective action towards the stomach and intestinal mucosa.

The intestinal mucosa is responsible for the absorption of nutrients and not only for the formation of the fecal bolus, and thus is highly important for the functioning of the body.

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Lowers the cholesterol level

Rich in saponins, substances that act as an anti-inflammatory and prevent oxidation, carqueja promotes a decrease in the level of bad cholesterol, the LDL.

Combats anemia

Not only, because it is abundant in iron, preventing the development as well as fighting the symptoms of anemia.

Prevents diabetes

The carqueja also provides that carbohydrates ingested in the diet are absorbed less by the body, which benefits patients with pre-diabetes or who already have the disease entirely.

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How to consume the carqueja

The most common way to consume carqueja is by taking its tea The recipe is made from one tablespoon of chopped plant leaves to one cup of boiling water. Consumption should be done at most three times a day.

As with any herb, the recommendation is to consume it in moderation and check with doctors for contraindications, since in cases of pregnant and lactating women, excessive doses can lower blood pressure.

Does carqueja tea lose weight?

No single food is capable of promoting weight loss, but the plant has a thermogenic action, increasing energy expenditure and, consequently, fat burning.

Likewise, due to its diuretic action, the carqueja stimulates the elimination of liquids and fights swelling.

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