Bread is fattening? Tips on how to eat bread without getting fattening

 Bread is fattening? Tips on how to eat bread without getting fattening

Lena Fisher

Bread is a unanimity, and you may have asked yourself: is bread fattening? Bread is part of many people's different meals, and it is hard not to surrender to a soft and tasty slice of food. But when it comes to losing weight, one of the first things you probably think about is stop eating bread But, is bread fattening?

Loaded with carbohydrates and refined flours, bread is seen as the enemy of the diet. However, believe it or not, it is possible to eat bread in a balanced diet. This is because there are healthy options of the product that, when consumed in moderation, do not compromise weight loss. Come find out more:

Bread is fattening? Tips on how to eat bread without getting fattening

When buying, follow the rule 10: 1

It's super simple, but it's a rule of thumb to keep in mind whenever you buy a loaf of bread: for every 10 grams of carbohydrates, you should have 1 gram of fiber. That's because fiber is digested slowly, keeping you satiated longer. It's also great for intestinal health.

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Always look for whole grains

If the ingredients at the top of the label list are names like sucrose, fructose, corn syrup, white flour or wheat flour, it means that these foods contain mostly simple carbohydrates and should be limited. Thus, a loaf of bread is considered whole grain if the first ingredient on the package indicates whole grain or whole wheat. So, examine the ingredients list and use yourtrial - it's a big step towards your best guide to healthy eating.

Bread is fattening? prefer organic wheat

Wheat has changed in the last 50 years and is no longer a recognizable crop from our ancestors. While research goes back and forth on the role of pesticides and chemicals on our health, organic wheat has less exposure to pesticides, providing a healthier option for those who want to eat bread.

Consume leavened bread

The fermentation process provides a variety of healthy bacteria that help balance the digestive system and manage the metabolism, so choose or make fermented bread to improve your health. The secret is also in the portions: you can eat bread in a moderate amount so you won't have to worry about gaining weight.

Combine bread with good fat

Olive oil or ghee butter are excellent partners to accompany a slice of bread, so you can avoid fillings such as cold cuts, mayonnaise, or sausages. Therefore, the Italian tradition of bread with olive oil is a healthy option, since the combination avoids overconsumption of bread, and yields a pleasant taste.

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