Boldo tea: What the home remedy is for

 Boldo tea: What the home remedy is for

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O chile bold is a medicinal plant that has been used as a home remedy for many years - the popular Boldo tea. Found throughout Latin America, Boldo has rich properties that especially benefit the stomach and liver, including flavonoids (antioxidants) and alkaloids. Read on and learn all about Boldo tea.

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What Boldo-do-Chile tea is for

Thanks to the chemicals present in the herb, when ingested, the plant increases the production of urine, fights bacterial growth, and stimulates the production of gastric juice in the stomach .

Types of Boldo

It is worth noting that there are several different species of boldo, the most popular being the Chilean. However, other types also offer benefits. Check them out:

  • Boldo-baiano ( Vernonia condensata );
  • Ground Boldo ( Coleus barbatus or Plectranthus barbatus );
  • Portuguese Boldo (or boldo-miúdo);
  • Chinese Boldo, rare in Brazil;
  • Boldo-do-chile, the best known.

Benefits of Boldo-do-Chile tea

Facilitates digestion

Boldo tea is known to be a great ally for the stomach and intestines, because it facilitates digestion, thus being beneficial for the health of the intestinal flora.

Boldo tea is therapeutic

In addition to acting as an analgesic, boldo also has therapeutic purposes. It can be used in soaking baths, so its scent is able to ease stress, as well as symptoms of depression and anxiety.

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Relieves various aches and pains

In addition to being able to ease stomach aches, Boldo-do-chile helps ease headaches and any liver-related ailments. Likewise, it can be used in the treatment of gallstones, gout, constipation, cystitis, flatulence, and cold sweats .

Good for the lung

O tea from boldo is best known for its power to fight constipation. But, this is not its only benefit, as it is one of the best teas for immunity. It is also a great immunity booster, especially as it is a natural immunomodulator Therefore, the ingestion of Boldo tea strengthens immunity, making it difficult for viruses, bacteria, fungi, and protozoa to harm the body's health.

When and how to take consume chile bold

Boldo-do-Chile is usually consumed in the form of tea, made from its dried leaves. capsules for medicinal and therapeutic purposes.

Regarding consumption, there are no defined rules, but what specialists recommend is drink the tea right after it is ready However, the drink preserves important substances for the body for up to 24 hours after preparation.

To preserve it, give preference to glass, thermal, or even stainless steel bottles. Plastic or aluminum should not be used.

Cautions when consuming Boldo-do-chile

You must have moderation At first, when ingested in excess, it can cause discomfort stomach upset, malaise, vomiting and diarrhea Moreover, in more serious cases, it can also cause nervous system problems. This is due to a substance in the tea called ascaridol Therefore, it is recommended to avoid more than 3 cups of boldo tea per day.


Boldo teas, in general, are contraindicated for the following audiences:

  • Pregnant women;
  • Lactating;
  • People with kidney problems;
  • Children under 6 years old;
  • People with liver disease;
  • People who use anticoagulant medications;
  • Finally, hypertensives.

Frequently asked questions about Boldo tea

Does Boldo-do-Chile tea lose weight?

Boldo tea can help you lose weight, because the herbs improve the metabolism gastric and hepatic In addition, the tea aids in the digestion of food and is diuretic This helps to eliminate toxins from the body.

Does Boldo-do-Chile tea bring down menstruation?

Boldo contributes to increased blood circulation and therefore, the tea stimulates the menstrual flow. However, it is worth reinforcing that even if you drink Boldo tea in large quantities - which is not recommended - menstruation will not come immediately. 2 days after drinking the tea .

Is Boldo tea good for diarrhea?

Yes, boldo helps regulate bowel function and relieves diarrhea symptoms. In addition, boldo tea can also help with constipation, gas reduction, and intestinal infections.

Is Boldo tea a detox?

Yes. Boldo tea provides relief to the body and is excellent for helping the liver function, and is useful after a day of exaggeration, excess alcohol or consumption of too much fatty food, because it contains a substance called lactone In addition, Boldo tea is a beverage rich in antioxidants that can help prevent diseases.

Can people on hemodialysis drink boldo tea?

Hemodialysis patients should avoid taking boldo tea, as the drink is not indicated for people with kidney disorders.

Is Boldo tea an abortifacient?

Chilean Boldo is popularly known as a abortifacient tea due to the presence of ascaridol Therefore, pregnant women should not drink the tea, which besides its abortifacient properties, can also cause malformations in the baby.

Does Boldo tea improve the symptoms of coronavirus?

First of all, it is important to note that covid-19 vaccine is the best way to prevent the disease In this sense, boldo tea by itself does not have the power to cure coronavirus symptoms. However, the plant is a source of vitamin C, the consumption of which is always recommended to increase or maintain immunity in the body. But, not to directly cure coronavirus.

Finally, in addition to boldo tea, it is recommended to maintain a healthy and balanced diet , full of fruits, vegetables and whole grains to keep the immune system strong.

How to make Boldo tea?

To prepare the drink, follow the recommendations below:

  • Mix 1 teaspoon of dried boldo leaves in 200 ml of hot water;
  • Cover the container so that the water can absorb the nutrients from the leaves more quickly;
  • Wait at least 10 minutes;
  • Strain the dried leaves from the drink, so if you prefer, you can use a sieve to leave the water free;
  • Finally, if you prefer, you can add sweetener and drink it twice a day, before or after meals.

Boldo tea combinations

If you have ever tasted boldo, you must know that the taste is characterized by the appearance bitter However, combining boldo with other ingredients can be an alternative to lessen the bitter taste and still keep the benefits of the plant for the body.

Boldo tea with rosemary

Rosemary is an old culinary acquaintance, used to add aroma and spiciness to dishes, and also has health benefits such as headache relief and fighting fatigue.

Boldo tea with lemon

Often used to marinate meats and replace vinegar in salads, lemon can also be part of the preparation of boldo tea. The fruit flavor can bring a critical, sour aspect to the drink.

Boldo tea with mint

Mint tea is already known to treat digestive problems, relieve headaches, and ease flu symptoms. In addition, the herb has a refreshing, minty flavor, so combining boldo and mint tea can be a great option.

Boldo tea with fennel

Sweetgrass has a sweet flavor and can improve the appearance of boldo tea. In addition, the herb has calming properties and also helps fight inflammation and menstrual cramps.

Boldo tea with basil

This combination caters well to those who love the bitter taste, so by adding basil to boldo tea, you will also absorb the plant's benefits that contribute to the maintenance of bones and teeth and help control blood pressure.

Is Boldo tea right for you?

Finally, for those who can't drink Boldo tea, either due to some medical condition, or simply aren't a big fan of the flavor, there's no need to worry! There's definitely a tea that's right for you, so to find out, check out the test below:

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