Stone Muse

While many of us played with stones and rocks as children, the Stone Muse actually spoke to them.  To be fair, they started it.  Her first memory is of her four-year-old self being told by the stones where they came from in the Earth and how they traveled to the surface.  “I didn’t know anything about the Earth or rocks,” she explains, “but I could understand what they were saying.  And I realized they had stories to share and that their purpose was to help people.”

The Stone Muse didn’t know then that her ability to listen to the stones and connect them with people would become her career.  She just listened.  And played.  Thankfully, her mother encouraged her creativity and imagination.  At sixteen, she began making jewelry for friends in high school, playing with stones, beads, and using her hands to create.   

Stones are medicine.  They are from the Earth, like a plant, herb or medicinal item,” she explains.  Stones and gems have always been worn for adornment, as talismans for spirit seekersas jewelry to signify wealth and status, and as rings to signify marital status.  The Stone Muse, from an early age, could sense if stones and gems were happy and what type of energy they carried.  Seeing Elizabeth Taylor dripping in diamonds when she was little, the Stone Muse recalls telling her mother that those stones were not happy.  Her mother explained that diamonds were very expensive and on a very famous person.  “But the stones are not happy,” she retorted. 

So, many of us may not be able to relate to communing so closely with nature, but why not?  The Stone Muse speaks with such compassion about the healing we need and how our Earth is providing these beautiful stones and gems to help center us, make us mindful, and bring our attention to what our bodies need: natural medicine.    

Not only are her designs magical, they are beautiful.  Her eye for happy and lovely gemstones combines with a talent for creating and using her hands to craft gorgeous jewelry.  In the early 2000’s, a prop master saw her work at an art fair, her work was catapulted onto television.  She created the jewelry for the television show Ghost Whisperer.  Her masterpieces were often worn by Aisha Tyler and Jennifer Love Hewitt on the show.   

When COVID-19 began, she began to produce more and more of her jewelry.  It kept her energy focused and allowed her to channel positive energy through her work.  She has gratitude that she gets to use her heart, mind and hands every day to do what she loves.  And this is when we met the Stone Muse and now, she is delighted to be our JaneCare Stone Muse too.  

Ask the Stone Muse 

For our first launch, The Stone Muse worked with us on what to offer.  Something for protection, something for better sleep, something for healing and the release of stress.  Here is what she recommended and used for the basis of her creations for spring 2020 


These stones are featured in a beautiful bracelet in our Sleep CARE Kit.  They are the stone Rx for what is going on right now.  They help us to calm and turn inward and focus.  Lepidolite is said to reduce anxiety and stress.  These stones, which have purplish hue with some twinges of gray help people deeply relax.  “This is really is needed right now,” the Stone Muse said.   

Rose Quartz 

Probably the gemstone most people are familiar with, we agreed that this stone, which is the ultimate heart and love stone, was perfect for our first launch.  So much love has gone into JaneCare and mission resonated with the Stone Muse’s purpose of sharing healing with other through the stones Just another example of how women business owners have rallied around the cause of CARE.  Rose Quartz is light pink in color and is known for heart healing, compassion, unconditional love, and letting go of fear  


This very cool stone looks iridescent due to its composition of aggregate layers that refract light.  It is predominantly blue in color and has flashes of green, gray, and even black.  It is the stone of universal knowledge and the knowledge that we are all connected.  It is a protective stone, shielding against negativity.  When we discussed having something that would help people feel protected against the overwhelming fear in our world and transmute the energy into compassion and heart connection, this was the Stone Muse’s first choice. 

The Stone Muse is already conjuring visions for our fall stone creations.  And her hands are ready to lovingly put together our pieces for JaneCare. 

Have questions? Send them our way and the Stone Muse would love to answer them!


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