Benefits of white rice: is it healthy after all?

 Benefits of white rice: is it healthy after all?

Lena Fisher

In a world that lives on diets, but refuses to re-educate the diet effectively, it is very common to feel afraid of consuming certain foods. rice But is it healthy or not? Learn more about the benefits of rice.

White rice is the highly processed form of rice, an ancient grain that is part of the diet around the world. Besides being cheap and easy to prepare, it has a mild flavor, ideal to accompany many dishes.

However, due to the processing that the grain goes through, a large part of its properties and nutrients are lost, which is why, compared to other available rice options, it is considered to have little nutrition.

Benefits of White Rice: Is it Healthy?

Compared to brown rice, white rice has less fiber and vitamins. Although options such as brown rice are still more nutritious, this does not mean that white rice is all bad. The recommendation is: eat in moderation and prioritize brown rice over white rice if possible.

However, it may not be the most appropriate food to meet nutritional needs. For example, those who are trying to eat fewer carbohydrates or calories may want a lighter alternative, such as chopped cauliflower.

Also, replacing rice with healthier alternatives, such as whole grains, can add variety to the daily menu.

Benefits of White Rice: Other Rice Varieties

White rice and brown rice are not your only options. Surprisingly, there are other - even more nutritious - options.

Black rice

This type is not so widely used in the national cuisine. However, it is very beneficial to health.

  • Rich in vitamins (vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, and B12);
  • Abundant in minerals (magnesium, iron, and zinc);
  • Source of fiber (30% more than white rice);
  • Protein (20% more than white rice);
  • Less caloric and less fatty.

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Red rice

In principle, it is even less known, but it stands out as a healthy rice by decreasing the appetite and the cholesterol level in the blood .

  • Rich in fiber - better bowel function;
  • Anemia prevention - rich in iron;
  • It helps in weight loss;
  • Finally, it promotes a feeling of satiety.

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