Banana tree heart: What it is and benefits

 Banana tree heart: What it is and benefits

Lena Fisher

O banana heart is a little known, but highly nutritious food. Considered a PANC (Planta Edible Non-Conventional), it can be used in many recipes. plants, vegetables, tubers, and flowers that have some edible part Also called banana flower, banana heart, and banana navel, this part is lower than the banana stalk, that is, the edible stem at the end of the banana bunch. Among its properties, its richness in fiber is what most draws attention, but it also contains large amounts of protein and minerals.

Benefits of Banana Hearts

Prevents constipation

Rich in fiber, the banana heart greatly helps intestinal function. In this sense, when the diet is low in fiber, one of the effects is constipation, which causes everything from bloating to abdominal pain.

Strengthens immunity

Besides fiber, antioxidants are also part of its composition, especially flavonoids. Thus, besides fighting inflammation in the body, relieving skin aging, preventing acne, wrinkles, and expression lines, antioxidants also strengthen the immune system.

Prevents osteoporosis and anemia

The banana heart is also rich in minerals, especially calcium and iron, so it is a very beneficial food for bone and blood health. anemia (iron deficiency in the blood).

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Relieves symptoms of stress and anxiety

Magnesium is another mineral present in the composition of this plant, and among its health benefits, it helps regulate (and improve) mood, especially by relieving typical symptoms of anxiety and stress.

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How to consume the banana heart

  • Pies;
  • Also, quiches;
  • Pastries;
  • Finally, vegetarian and vegan recipes.

Lena Fisher

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