Banana Blue Java: The fruit that tastes like ice cream

 Banana Blue Java: The fruit that tastes like ice cream

Lena Fisher

A banana blue java is as different as its name: and it tastes like vanilla ice cream. Although new to many, this variety of banana is as old as the rest. Uncommon in Brazilian land, it is found in other locations, such as Hawaii and countries in Oceania.

However, it is believed to be native to India, the result of crossing two distinct types of bananas.

What is it about the blue java banana?

Its main distinguishing feature, and certainly the one that attracts most attention, is its flavor. Unlike other varieties commonly found in Brazil, the blue java First of all, the plant is huge, measuring up to 6 meters. Not only that, its fruits are naturally long and should be eaten as green as possible, or rather, as blue as possible (hence its name).

Not only that, it tends to be sweeter and creamier, so many say it resembles vanilla ice cream in texture and taste. In other words, it looks like a sweet cream.

Properties of the blue java banana

Its properties are no different from those of other bananas: it is notoriously rich in potassium, aids digestion, and, finally, increases the production of serotonin, the happiness hormone, in the brain. What's more, it helps satiate the desire for sweet food, since it is rich in fructose - the natural fruit sugar.

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How to consume

Just like any other banana, for example, the silver and the guanana, the blue java banana can be used in several recipes (besides its consumption in natura), especially the sweet ones.

  • Fit banana cake
  • Vegan banana cake
  • Mousse
  • Pies
  • Vegan biomass Brigadeiro
  • Banana and chia protein ice cream

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Unfortunately, the blue java banana is hardly found for sale in the country. Anyway, it is worth a try. Possibly, we can find it in supermarkets, grocery stores, fruit and vegetable stores, and health food stores with imported items.

Lena Fisher

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