Auriculotherapy and sleep: ear points help you sleep better

 Auriculotherapy and sleep: ear points help you sleep better

Lena Fisher

Brazilians don't sleep well and the pandemic has worsened this picture even more. This is what a study by the Global Sanofi Consumer Healthcare (CHC) platform and the IPSOS Institute reveals. According to the survey, 8 out of 10 interviewees classified their nights of sleep as regular or bad. However, only 34% of Brazilians who participated in the survey sought treatmentFor Dr. Lirane Suliano, a dental surgeon, auriculotherapy and sleep go together, that is, the technique is an efficient therapeutic resource to fight insomnia.

"In 2018 alone, Brazilians consumed more than 56 million boxes of benzodiazepines, drugs usually prescribed for anxiety and insomnia conditions. However, they cause side effects such as addiction and increase the risk of death, and it is essential that the patient can have access to natural treatments for cases such as insomnia, for example," he explains.

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What is auriculotherapy?

According to Dr. Lirane Suliano, auriculotherapy consists in the mechanical stimulation of specific points in the ear, more specifically the auricular pavilion. The stimulus triggers the production and release of hormones that generate balance in the body, besides relaxing and contributing to an improvement in sleep. The great advantage of the technique is that it does not use medication.

The specialist also points out that auricular therapy is recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) and has been available through the Brazilian National Health System (SUS) since 2006, through the Integrative and Complementary Health Practices (PICS).

Auriculotherapy and sleep: does the technique help in the treatment of insomnia?

According to the specialist, there are several auriculotherapy techniques to make people sleep better: "For this, we use treatments in the auricular pavilion, with laser, seeds, needles, and electrostimulation.

However, in addition to the technique, it is fundamental to abandon habits that hinder sleep, i.e., create a routine and eat at the appropriate times.

The importance of sleeping well at night

According to the specialist, sleeping well at night is fundamental: "At night, the body releases hormones that are essential for the reconstruction of the damage caused during the day by stress, poor diet, and physical effort," she explains.

In this way, the release of melatonin at the beginning of the night allows us to relax and start preparing for a deeper sleep. growth hormone It is essential for gaining muscle mass and reducing subcutaneous fat.

"Many people don't know, but quality sleep is one of the main factors of balance in the body, because it is directly related to many of the responses that the body will have the next day," adds the specialist.

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Source: Dr. Lirane Suliano, dental surgeon, master and doctorate from UFPR, specialist in Acupuncture and post-graduate teacher in Auriculotherapy, Electroacupuncture, and Laserpuncture.

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