Are cold foods in winter bad for you?

 Are cold foods in winter bad for you?

Lena Fisher

Most probably you have heard that cold drinks and foods in winter should not be consumed on cold days, because they can cause colds, flu, and other problems. But is there any truth to this belief? Understand.

Does cold food in winter cause flu?

Scientifically speaking, the answer is not There is no direct relationship between food temperature and the development of illnesses such as colds and flu on colder days.

Marcel Menon Miyake The researcher at Santa Casa de São Paulo, an otorhinolaryngologist at the Albert Sabin Hospital and a researcher at Santa Casa de São Paulo, points out that researchers at Santa Casa conducted a study with 50 people who believed in this hypothesis. The objective was to understand the development of flu symptoms by the ingestion of cold drinks.

The work divided the volunteers into two groups, and observed the appearance of the discomforts in the individuals who were drinking iced drinks and in those who were not. The result showed that the half that consumed the iced liquids did not present any infection in the observed period.

In fact, during the winter, some factors can contribute to higher rates of development and transmission of flu cases. For example, the drier climate, which can hinder the functioning of the mucous membranes (responsible for protecting our throat), the agglomeration of people in closed environments, and the lower temperatures, which contribute to the survival of the virus in the environment.

Even so, it is worth emphasizing: the influenza virus is the only one responsible for the flu, a disease for which vaccine is already available for the population. In other words, if there is no virus, there is no infection.

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But then, why do some people experience throat discomfort after eating cold food and drinks?

The problem is that the problem is not directly in the ice cream or in the ice water, for example. What can be harmful is the sudden temperature variation: when the body is too hot, the contact with the cold drink can cause irritation in the throat, causing that sensation of pain and discomfort.

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How to take care of your throat in winter?

The care is not difficult, and is aimed at strengthening the body's immunity, so Dr Miyake recommends good night's sleep, a balanced diet, and, above all, plenty of water to keep hydrated. This way, in case of an infection, your body will be prepared to protect itself.

Other tips to strengthen the immune system are to avoid excessive stress, exercise, and reduce or eliminate habits such as drinking and smoking.

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Source: Marcel Menon Miyake, otorhinolaryngologist at the Albert Sabin Hospital and researcher at Santa Casa de São Paulo.

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