Aerobic exercises: What they are and what they are for

 Aerobic exercises: What they are and what they are for

Lena Fisher

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If you are in need of weight loss, it will be difficult to escape from the aerobic exercises Dancing, jump rope , biking, running, hiking, climbing are all types of aerobic activities that are triggers for weight loss and help increase physical endurance.

The personal trainer and physical educator Washyngton Rafael de Sales, from São Paulo, explains that aerobic exercises are those of low intensity and long duration in which a metabolic process occurs with the presence of oxygen, glucose, carbohydrate, and fat, used as an energy source.

According to the expert, the aerobic exercises Therefore, I don't say that it is only in the physical results that it has benefits. It facilitates the path to weight loss because it gives more disposition to the organism", guarantees.

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There are many benefits to regular aerobic exercise three to six days a week. Here are some of them:

  • It improves mood and fights depression, anxiety, and stress;
  • It boosts the immune system;
  • It promotes the quality of sleep;
  • Strengthening the muscles of the heart, increasing cardiorespiratory capacity;
  • It improves the level of the good cholesterol, HDL;
  • Increased resistance to fatigue, giving more disposition for day-to-day tasks;
  • Prevention of diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, stroke, and obesity;
  • It causes weight loss.

Boost your results

The most immediate results are improved mood and better blood circulation. The other benefits work like a savings account: the more we practice, the more we accumulate health.

Regularity in your workouts is important to enhance the results from physical activity. This way, the cumulative effects are the most effective for your health. In addition, the injury rate is high with sporadic exercise. This is a factor that should be avoided.

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When we perform aerobic exercises moderates we feel that our heart is beating faster than at rest The breathing is a thermometer for us to know if we are on the right track. The breathing rate will increase, but in a subtle way, and we can still talk to another person normally, while doing the activity. From the moment we can't talk normally during the practice, it is a sign that we should slow down.

In addition, we can feel the relaxation effect after the exercises by the release of endorphin These hormones are called pleasure hormones, because of the relaxing effects they produce.

Fernanda Andrade

Personal Trainer - CREF 51670

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