Acai coffee: How it is made, benefits and how to prepare

 Acai coffee: How it is made, benefits and how to prepare

Lena Fisher

Hello, lovers of coffee Here is a variation that is not so well known, but promises to be equally delicious: acai coffee!

It is not known exactly who invented the drink, but evidence shows that it originated inside the Pará Its flavor is a little more acidic than its big brother, but the açaí coffee comes out ahead when it comes to nutritional benefits. Curious about it? Learn more about it:

How the açaí coffee is made

The manufacturing process of the açaí-based liquid is very similar to the classic version. First, the grains of the dark fruit are selected and left in the sun to dry and lose their "hairs". In addition, they are also sieved frequently.

Then begins the roasting phase, which takes about an hour. Finally, the grains are milled and packed quickly, so that they do not lose aroma or taste .

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Benefits of acai coffee

Learn about the main benefits of acai coffee:

1 - It is rich in nutrients

As vitamins A, D, E, and K, essential for various functions in the body. A Vitamin A For example, it is known to fight aging, boost immunity, and protect eye health. vitamin D on the other hand, is linked to the strengthening of the bones. vitamin E is good for skin and hair, while K helps prevent cardiovascular disease.

2 - Regulates the intestine

Because it contains a lot of fiber, acai coffee is friendly to the digestive system and helps lower cholesterol and glucose levels in the blood.

3 - No caffeine

Good option for those who are more sensitive to caffeine, a substance that, in large amounts, can cause irritability, insomnia, stomach pain, and muscle tremors.

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4 - Point for the environment

The stone of the açaí is usually thrown away, so now there is a use for it!

How to prepare acai coffee at home

The way to prepare the açaí coffee is identical to the traditional one. However, you will need, on average, a tablespoon more of the variation to achieve the same degree of bitterness and color. To prepare it, just put about three American cups (half a liter) of water to boil. Then add four tablespoons of açaí powder in a strainer, and pour the already hot water over it. Even better,is to consume without sugar!

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